Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kyle + Rosemary

I decided to put this up. It's been over 2 years since it was completed and has already publicly aired on Nickelodeon. :D Sorry for the watermark, it's the only copy I have.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Where the heck am I???

Where am I! Why haven't I made any more machinima!??

Busy, busy, busy. Dunno if anyone is still following this update page....but I am really busy these days. Went back to Disney, my old 'alma mater'...playing in an active 80's cover band (I'll post future gigs later) a nice new fella in my life (if I am being honest, that's the real reason I'm 'busy') Falling in love has this weird effect on my extracurricular makes me not care about doing any of them! ;)


I am working on one last WoW machinima. It's longer than usual and a little ambitious. I am trying to get it done for Blizzcon but if I don't (which is very possible) it may end up being a nice holiday present for all my viewers instead around December. A sort of swan song, if you will. I really think my life is changing now and I am leaving these wonderful worlds behind....I have already stopped playing WoW. WoW has been tons of fun and the folks at Blizzard have been good to me, but it feels like it is getting to be that time....time to move on....not that I won't pop in nostalgically once in a while! :D