Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remember This?

So, my short "Kyle+Rosemary" that I finished two years ago, is FINALLY set to air this weekend on the Random Cartoons show, January 17, Saturday 10:30am PST. This will be, unfortunately, on the NickToons cable channel. NOT the main Nickelodeon channel, NickToons. If you have cable, keep scrolling up...up....maybe into the 400's....oh, there it is. (Actually it turns out to be channel 108 on Charter in Los Angeles) A bit disappointing that they waited so long to air these and then stick them on their less known cable channel, but at least it's finally an 'ending' to this project.

City of Heroes ad #2

Once again, go to the youtube page and click 'watch in HD' for a better experience.

Friday, January 9, 2009

City of Heroes ad #1

A couple months ago I was asked to create some funny ads for the game City of Heroes/City of Villains. Now the characters in the City of Heroes games, while having an amazing variety of height/weight/clothing and a decent amount of emote options, do NOT have one little important aspect for a funny ad - mouth and eye movement. Not wanting the ad to look like moving expressionless mannequins, I suggested that I animate all the mouths and eyes. I didn't really know what I was in for - it took an awful lot of work. But I think the results are much more expressive than if I hadn't done it. Well, judge for yourself. Go to the actual youtube page to view it in HD.

Happy 2009! Oh look, IGN likes us.

Apparently Snacky #4 topped IGN's best machinima of 2008 list. Thanks guys! The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Mechanico and What does WAR mean to you made the list as well. Presumably because they were made in little-used game engines and they wanted to make the list seem to spread out over more games than just WoW...but thanks for the compliment, I'll take it!