Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kyle + Rosemary

I decided to put this up. It's been over 2 years since it was completed and has already publicly aired on Nickelodeon. :D Sorry for the watermark, it's the only copy I have.


Druzal said...

Hey Maggots, Ladruz from the War Council. My wife was checking out to see if you entered in the Blizzcon video contest. Instead she linked me to this. Completely awesome. Characters, "Leeroy Jenkins" joke, skull,etc. Though obviously a complete story and made for a short, I could see see myself enjoying this type of thing as a series. Normally when you have cartoons that take the viewer inside of a computer game, they just don't get it. Obviously you take your real life experience to that. Wish this got more play on places that would appreciate it.

Anywho hope we get to see you in the game again, but if it takes you away from making this stuff, I hope we don't =D.


Love of Him Above All said...

Holy smokes! I loved this film! Is there anymore??